Dealing with Adversity


Featured picture above by CCC Photography. Hello hello. Much has happened (in my head) since the past week. I realised how mildly bipolar I can be when my feelings change from sad to death but happy like the world is perfect in a couple of hours or when small things happen to change my feels. […]

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Mood to Work


Picture above by CCC Photography In this small business self-employed life, the only way to make sure you don’t starve in the coming months is to SELF-MOTIVATE. But being human (probably the most common but real excuse), you just can’t be in a 100% motivated-conquer-the-world-mood 24/7, 365 days a year. Simply because, you have FEELINGS. […]

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LNWD: A Long Weekend


Thought I’d post more regular little blog posts now that I have the WordPress app on my phone. LNWD = Late Nights with Daph shall be my new short posts segment here that I type before bed. Heh. My regular long informative travel / lifestyle posts are still ongoing but those take forever to edit […]

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I’m 29

bday blog 0

Feature picture above taken by CCC Photography Just celebrated my 29th year on this planet and I just realised I didn’t do a birthday post for last year even though I really wanted to because it was SUCH AN EXPERIENCE! I think I was half way typing it but it was so long, it got saved […]

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I’m here! June 2018


*picture above unedited by CCC Photography* Hey guys, thought I’d do a quick update. Honestly been quite “out of it” for the past months or so… There were some personal discovery stuff I was struggling quite a bit with WHILE trying to stay afloat in this self-employed roller coaster ride. There was also some imbalance […]

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Beige Mules – 6 Looks

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Hello hello! I think my procrastination got out of hand since the last post lol. Anyway, have you checked out my video on these gorgeous beige mules I got from Pedro? They go with almost everything. I mean: They worked with my culottes from Uniqlo. Big sleeve top is from Zara They worked with this […]

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Woo! Kota Kinabalu


I’m actually sitting in this very cafe typing this right now and going to edit pictures for this post after. So this is a very “live” post. [words first, PICTURES BELOW!] It’s 4pm, rainy afternoon, I finally got a day off from my 2 week’s of work here! Since I’ll be leaving tomorrow, I thought […]

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