Lost in National Gallery Singapore Vlog

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Last September, I dropped by Singapore to look for Nick Young. Kidding. Was there over the weekend because flights were super cheap. Like RM34 cheap! So off I went on an adventure! Recorded a lot of footage but only end up with whats in the vlog above because I realised I took a lot of […]

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Kyushigai Yakitori Bar, Kuching

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The cosy Kyushigai yakitori bar opened on the charming-touristy Carpenter Street here in Kuching just a few months back. And I do not remember the number of times I’ve been back there already. There’s just something about the chill vibes, the interesting background music (that isn’t blasting loud like most bars), and the interior that […]

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Altidude Climbing Gym Kuching


Went bouldering at the shiny new Altidude Climbing Gym last Wednesday. Super fun. Happy to be back despite feeling sore all over my body, especially my back for the past 2 days lol. Only started bouldering a couple of times last year, so you could say I’m a super beginner. But it’s still fun for […]

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Why High-Waisted and How to Pair

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Am totally into everything high-waisted / high-rise at the moment. From casual skirts to formal pants, as long as it starts from the waist, it’s going to be on me, and this is why (Gonna pluck out lotsa pictures from my Instagram, so mind the captions): 1. Makes You Look Taller Doesn’t matter if it’s […]

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Dealing with Adversity


Featured picture above by CCC Photography. Hello hello. Much has happened (in my head) since the past week. I realised how mildly bipolar I can be when my feelings change from sad to death but happy like the world is perfect in a couple of hours or when small things happen to change my feels. […]

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Mood to Work


Picture above by CCC Photography In this small business self-employed life, the only way to make sure you don’t starve in the coming months is to SELF-MOTIVATE. But being human (probably the most common but real excuse), you just can’t be in a 100% motivated-conquer-the-world-mood 24/7, 365 days a year. Simply because, you have FEELINGS. […]

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LNWD: A Long Weekend


Thought I’d post more regular little blog posts now that I have the WordPress app on my phone. LNWD = Late Nights with Daph shall be my new short posts segment here that I type before bed. Heh. My regular long informative travel / lifestyle posts are still ongoing but those take forever to edit […]

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