My workstations

workstation 01

workstation 01Know how there are tons of pictures online with a pretty macbook, a cup of coffee beside it, maybe sunglasses and a hipster notebook, probably an iPad with a funky cover too, all laid down nicely on a light colored wooden table, taken under bright light, looking like work is always elegant and fancy?

workstation 03Well, not saying it can’t alway be that way, but for me, it definitely doesn’t happen often!

workstation 02The closest I got to fancy was this little nook that the nice waiter of Bing allowed me to set up 😀

And this is how it’s like for me most other times at home:workstation 04At the dining table while having dinner…

workstation 05On the living room table with my home pets…

workstation 06Beside the bed before bed…

workstation 07Most of the time, on my lap…

workstation 08Even more often, with tons of messy traditional art tools in front of it!

Scribbled with love, daphnesiawsign-copy

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