Trial life of an Artist – Day 1


Happy New Year!


Okay, so blogging wasn’t near my priority list last year, but I do hope to bring it up few notches in 2016. There’s so much I want to share, but so little time to type out proper sentences (I need alot of time, I think I’m bad at writing), so I just resort to posting on instagram / facebook / twitter. Much quicker way to share stuff. However, there’s just so much feelings, lessons and process behind every picture and art project that it’s such a waste to not document! I was just drafting another post for the New Year days ago but never got to finish it. Now, I have something else to document that I consider to be the most interesting part of my career! So here it is:

I’ve taken a week of leave from my day job to finish one of my biggest art projects to date! It’s a mural on an outdoor wall of about 70 meter square of this super cool cafe. The cafe’s name is Feast and Furious and should be opened sometime in February 2016. What’s cool about it is straight out of it’s tagline, “Great Food and Cool Wheels”. We’ll judge the food later. About the wheels, the owner is going to place his bikes and even an F1 car in the cafe! It’ll be sort of a motor sport museum kinda thing which will be quite interesting to see!

Technically, not having to clock in at 8am in a nice office this week kinda gives me a taste of how a ‘starving’ artist lives. I’ve survived Day 1, which was yesterday and these are a few things I’ve taken note of:

1. Wake Up when the Alarm Rings or Sleep by 11pm!

First problem of the day was waking up. Instead of not waking up, I woke up way too early, like 5am something early. I was just too eager to get back on site and get the painting going. But I set an alarm for a reason: to get 8 hours of sleep, no more, no less. Waking up before then would just cause more harm from lack of rest. So I now tell myself to not look at the phone once I’m conscious in the morning, instead, just close my eyes and rest a a bit more until I hear the alarm.

Another thing that wakes me up is a light-filled room. The sun here lights up the room by 7am, causing my eyes to spread wide open. So, the only way to deal with this part is to either keep a sleeping mask on or, sleep before 11pm!

2. Need a Regular Breakfast Spot

I always have breakfast in town before heading to the office. There’s lots of cafes open by 6am and I’ve picked a regular spot where the food and coffee is healthy-ish and decent enough to pump me up for the day. Yesterday, I kept thinking about all the spots around my housing area and couldn’t think of a single place I liked that didn’t open until 10am. I ended up eating a decent omelette at a kopitiam but suffered from puffs of second hand smoke coming from the neighbouring table. I’ve decided, my regular breakfast spot for the week is in my own kitchen. Bought bread. Happily eating and typing this blogpost now.

3. Take Note of Working Hours

When I’m into a painting I just get LOST. I don’t know how much time has passed nor if I’m hungry or thirsty. I worked 6 hours straight standing and painting yesterday which wasn’t the best idea. It was pretty physically draining that I had to go for the legendary Thai massage later that night. Today, I will take a few minutes in between. I will try a at least.. heh.

4. Balance the Day’s Hours for other Activities

I’ve set a start time and an end time for work on site so I have time to do other things in the day and also to make sure I don’t suffer more physical damage (Discovered a herniated cervical disk & a bulging disc so my upper back is always sore!). But I really couldn’t help but worry that I am not spending enough time on site, or that it would rain later in the day!!! Every hour there means a quarter of a meter square completed! But like most friends advised, “calm down Daphne, health first! No point worrying”. Therefore, I shall now be more confident of the hours I’ve set for each activity. I know really well myself that I have no intention to slack on anything, and I’m doing what I do because I am passionate about it. Hence, shall be more disciplined and accept that my body has it’s limits too and that I need to balance out all the hours.

That’s all I’ve learnt from Day 1. I’m already seeing improvements today! Now, I shall finally publish my first post this year and start my 2nd project! Stay tuned! Thanks for reading! Ta

mural borneo

My little brother took this yesterday. He has the shakiest hands! This part took 3 days. Do drop by the city centre when you’re in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo!

Scribbled with love, daphnesiawsign-copy

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