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“In my world, age is just a number; there are no shoulds only coulds; one can live any type of life any number of times; where happiness is not defined by success but by choice; there are no barriers, only discoveries; and nothing is fair until earned.
In my world, you wonder how who where and when, but will stilll never see the end.”

I posted this on my Instagram a few days ago, or was it last week? Time has been rapidly passing by, I’ve been loosing track. I post a lot more on Instagram and Facebook, so do follow me on these platforms for more frequent updates.

I want to draw and write happier and more inspiring things, that’s why I haven’t been updating. The times I have the strongest urge to create and share has always been when I’m feeling very calm or low, resulting in more mellow, less happy creations. One of the things I’ve learnt from this is that, it is harder to keep up things that isn’t really “you”. Like, perhaps I’m not the kind to create when I’m happy, instead, I’m more inspired out of sadness and anger. Hence, I wasn’t able to finish typing this next post. Draft after draft, I never found it good enough or positive enough or useful enough to people in general. Until finally, I’ve decided to accept that this is me now. This is the state / phase I’m in. And in the future, I’ll probably look back and chuckle at this idle state. Perhaps I’m not the blogger to share with you the 5 Ways to be Inspired, or 10 Things to Try Before 30. Instead, I could share with you phases and feelings some of us go through through life. Perhaps one day I can sum it down to a numbered form with a fancy title that attracts readership. For now, I shall wallow in my dark creations.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pity myself, I just found it frustrating for some time. You know, when you want to be something and you’re struggling at it. Either way, I’m just glad I’m capable of expressing through creating. Hope you guys enjoy my emo drawings lol.

Oh btw, is temporarily down by the way. Should be up in a week.


Scribbled with love, daphnesiawsign-copy

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