Update | Why I’ve been Blogging Less| April 2017

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As hard as I tried to keep to my weekly blog schedule, I just have quite a bit of problem with it. Reason being that it’s really time consuming to edit all the pictures for each post. It’s even more time consuming blogging than vlogging sometimes, BUT, I will be better at my time management soon! Making plans!

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Anyway, about not blogging much, I now see the appeal of Instagram, it’s so much easier to do mini blog posts and mini vlogs in there! If you follow me on Instagram, you’d have seen a lot of random emotional talk and travel tips there. I’ll share some below later. However, I still really want to blog because this is where the real information will be. This is where I can sum up tips and places for you. This is where you can read details and share my thoughts. This is where you will picture places better from the tons of pictures I take and curate. Hence, I will still try my best here! But do check out my Insta incase of another hiatus heh.

Some Insta posts:

On Lemontea Hotel, Bangkok:


On Sab X2, a famous wonton restaurant in Bangkok:

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Sab X 2 at Pratunam is famous for their wonton noodles and pork slice rice. Apparently this is the go-to spot for many Singaporeans. Swipe for more pictures and a video . It's Hong Kong styled noodles with Kuching styled wonton (but a bit sweeter). What's nice to me is that there's savory crispy pork bits inside. There's also vege, chasiew and something that looks like crab meat. The oil/sauce is also very tasty. Matt likes his pork rice more and LOVES the chili on the table. I think it's nice too but I'm quite particular on the hygiene of the chillies since it's just left there on the table . We've been there twice already. Maybe cos it's familiar to us. I think one dish is about 100 baht . #bangkok #thailand #stories #food #travel #wander #noodles #pork #daphywanders #daphyinbangkok #daphyinthailand

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On Tuk Tuk Rides in Bangkok:


On Postcards:


On Pretty Places:


And so much more! See you guys soon!

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