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I seem to be sharing videos that aren’t my own lately. Damn. But I just want to share this one because it spoke to me.

First of all, I absolutely LOVE Jenny Mustard for her clean minimalist image. Everything about her life is so light-weight. That’s what attracted me to her videos in the beginning. It’s no secret that I love white, clean Scandinavian interiors as they always make my mind feel refreshed and happy. And her videos just have that refreshing vibe.

This video helped me because I feel so lethargic and lazy today. I just want to lie around and not do shit even though I know exactly what needs to be done. There’s just too much. I thought I need a break, so I brought my watercolour kit out to the cafe to do some live sketching, but I’m thinking I should use that time to get this other amount of work done instead. So I end up not doing both, and turned to YouTube, which got me watching this video, which led me to writing this blog post. lol. Perhaps there is too much to do that it’s burning my mind out. Heck, I even feel like giving up on this post and stop it right here. Can you see how messy my mind is right now? LOL

But because I procrastinated, I came upon this video that kinda kicked me in the mind again and made me inspired to get back to work. Watch it to know what I mean.

In the meantime, need my second shot of coffee. Laters gators!

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