LNWD: A Long Weekend


Thought I’d post more regular little blog posts now that I have the WordPress app on my phone. LNWD = Late Nights with Daph shall be my new short posts segment here that I type before bed. Heh. My regular long informative travel / lifestyle posts are still ongoing but those take forever to edit and publish. Just want to keep this space alive while those essays and photo journals are in the works.

This long weekend was uneventful. Used the whole three days to catchup with a week of work (was in Seoul last week – check out YouTube.com/DaphneSiaw for the vlogs).

Holidays confuse me. Part of me hates it for pausing work. Part of me loves it for being able to just breathe and catchup a little with outstanding stuff and just, myself. Anyone feel the same?

Anyway, outfit above is by Zara TRF. Both top and high waisted denim shorts. Old pumps from Charles and Keith.

I think I’m pms-ing because I feel hungry constantly and have been too lazy/busy (not sure which it is) to go to gym.

OK sleep daph before you start eating. Let’s see how this post turns out on the blog. First time using this app to post. Nights! Stay tuned for more random late night talks with myself! Lol.

Scribbled with love, daphnesiawsign-copy

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