Dealing with Adversity


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Hello hello. Much has happened (in my head) since the past week. I realised how mildly bipolar I can be when my feelings change from sad to death but happy like the world is perfect in a couple of hours or when small things happen to change my feels. Okay, it’s not a real new realisation, but it always surprises me. In a way, it makes me believe how tough we humans are, we just need to believe and find a way out of hard situations. Here’s a few steps I take when dealing with adversity.

Accept and Feel – to find out the WHY

Spend some time to let feelings sink in. Accept that it’s happening to you. Understand how it’s making you feel. Even allow yourself to complain about it a little. If it’s making you feel this shit, you’ve got to know WHY.

Find a way out – HOW

There is ALWAYS a way out. You just need to find it. You can either do this by writing out all the WHYs and WHATs bothering you. Then write a list of HOWs and see which step you’d take to deal with each of them. If you really really can’t find it, ask for help from anyone – your best friend, and old colleague, heck, even the bartender. Just, bounce it off someone if you need to. Sometimes talking to people helps you realise your own thoughts even if they don’t say anything and just listen.

But try to be a decent human being while you’re at it

It’s hard to be nice when you’re feeling shit. But it is important to try to not be shit to others in the process of getting out of your own shit. Cos shit you give others might come back and haunt you. So always be kind even when you don’t feel like it.

Nothing is really that bad

Always remember that nothing is really that bad. Personally, the only seriously bad things that could happen to a life is to be terminally ill or dead. Apart from that, everything negative will pass as long as we take the steps to get out of it (sometimes with a ton of determination – but everything is within you). Fact is, no one is going to spend too much time thinking about how you’re feeling or what you did “wrong”. No one can really 100% think and feel like you, and frankly, not too many people would try to or have the time to care. So why must you punish yourself by thinking the worst out of things? Knowing this will make you understand that there is always a way out. Sometimes it’s about switching your mind from “this is the the worst, the end” to “I must find a way out of this”

These are just some steps for most day to day problems and negative feelings we might face in life, work, relationships, etc. If there is really something that you’re really stuck with, it’s always important to get professional help. Hope this sharing helps some. Good luck guys!

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