Almost Conned in Bangkok Vlog

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Here’s a video and some pictures on Instagram (my mini blog)

On Lemontea Hotel, Bangkok:


On Sab X2, a famous wonton restaurant in Bangkok:

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Sab X 2 at Pratunam is famous for their wonton noodles and pork slice rice. Apparently this is the go-to spot for many Singaporeans. Swipe for more pictures and a video . It's Hong Kong styled noodles with Kuching styled wonton (but a bit sweeter). What's nice to me is that there's savory crispy pork bits inside. There's also vege, chasiew and something that looks like crab meat. The oil/sauce is also very tasty. Matt likes his pork rice more and LOVES the chili on the table. I think it's nice too but I'm quite particular on the hygiene of the chillies since it's just left there on the table . We've been there twice already. Maybe cos it's familiar to us. I think one dish is about 100 baht . #bangkok #thailand #stories #food #travel #wander #noodles #pork #daphywanders #daphyinbangkok #daphyinthailand

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On Tuk Tuk Rides in Bangkok:


On Postcards:


On Pretty Places:



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