Dal.komm Coffee Singapore

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During my last visit to Singapore, I was fortunate enough to be brought to several hip restaurants and bars. One of them is the Korean cafe called Dal.Komm Coffee at Centre Point, Orchard Road. Apparently it just opened not long ago. I only just realised today that this is where the coffee scenes in Descendants of the […]

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Been Wandering


“In my world, age is just a number; there are no shoulds only coulds; one can live any type of life any number of times; where happiness is not defined by success but by choice; there are no barriers, only discoveries; and nothing is fair until earned. In my world, you wonder how who where […]

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Painted New York City!

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OMG painted my favorite city! Really grateful for this really quick notice piece. If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret that I draw this place way too often: Super happy my brother was around to help me with this. Thank you Daniel! More pictures on ArtsyDaphy.com   — Haven’t updated in more than […]

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