How I feel about Procrastination

Hello! Guess what?

I’m procrastinating right now.

Had a very busy past few weeks as usual. I realised I get craze busy when I’m doing design proposals. It’s like the whole world stops just for each grand idea to be pitched. And once I’m done with them, I spend the next day planning the next project or actually carrying out proposed work that has been confirmed. Today, I am supposed to be doing tons of research on a new potential job but ended up doing a million other things other than what I’m supposed to do. Including taking the following pictures:

Can’t help it. Dad’s Canon 760D was sitting right there and I just figured out how to work the remote camera.

I honestly think procrastination is not such a bad thing. I actually think it helps me a lot creatively.

Back in the days when I was an Office Administrator, I would stare out the window while taking a break from excel sheets and my mind would somehow start thinking about vomiting rainbows. I would suddenly find myself holding a pen and sketching random stuff on used paper. Crazy ideas would somehow appear in my mind and I’d continue to brainstorm them into exciting plans. Some of these thoughts fuel my positivity and eagerness to create something. I’d get a little lost in my procrastinating-high for some time, and later of course realise (and almost regret) that I still have responsibilities to get back to. It’s as if the mind took a break, and became irresponsible for a little while, so it can relax and be how it wants to be – and that’s the best time for wonder and creativity to flood in.

Today, I allowed some time away from what I planned to do, and end up playing with the DSLR. That turned into HOURS, but it helped me make some content for my personal Instagram which lead to this blog post! So I guess time has not been wasted after all huh? :p

Conclusion: Procrastination is important for the creative mind. It’s when the mind is finally able to roam freely and that’s where magic happens.

What are your thoughts on Procrastination? Do you feel the same way as I do? Or is it REALLY a damaging waste of time to you? lol

Scribbled with love,

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