Light Blue Hues

A colorfool for you.  #ootd #fool lost my lense cover -_-
A colorfool for you.
#ootd #fool lost my lense cover -_-

Mint and light blue has definitely got to the top of my favourite-colours list this year! They’re just so sweet and pleasing to the eyes.

Last Friday I wore a simple mint top from Esprit with a maroon skater skirt from H&M to work, feeling all light, casual and comfortable! Didn’t want to wear any black at all to the point that I even felt like dying my hair brown haha. Gold necklace on top to balance out my beige shoes with the whole outfit.

Back in the days we... #retro #beetle #blue matching #ootd #volkswagen
Back in the days we… #retro #beetle #blue matching #ootd #volkswagen

Such a coincidence that there was a beautiful old light blue Volkswagen Beetle in front of the office that day too! Perfect picture opportunity!

Oh, and I really did loose my Panasonic GF7’s stock lense cover while taking the picture that morning. -__-

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