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Last September, I dropped by Singapore to look for Nick Young. Kidding. Was there over the weekend because flights were super cheap. Like RM34 cheap! So off I went on an adventure! Recorded a lot of footage but only end up with whats in the vlog above because I realised I took a lot of unusable footage. Long story, lazy to explain, will be better next time lol.


First annoying part was that I barely slept so my eyebags were the worst in the beginning of the video. I was really lucky tho because my friend was the captain of the flight and got a chance to get a cool picture in the cockpit


Like, how often right?!

Met a new friend Corina who’s from Kuching but living in Singapore who is super fun and shares similar interests as me! We geeked out on filming gadgets like the Freefly Movi Gimbal, my Apature A.Lav Mic and her Moments Lenses. Sometimes I wish I earned Singapore dollars so I wouldn’t feel so much of a pinch when getting these toys.


Later got quite lost at the National Gallery Singapore while trying to get to Smoke and Mirrors Bar upstairs. For some reason the main doors were all locked and it was really hard looking for the right lift. See my annoyed, confused and grateful face in the vlog lol. Not just me actually, there was also an American bunch who were just as lost and frustrated as I was lol. Managed to find it and get this beautiful view finally.


Take a sneak peak at COO Boutique Hostel. I’d say quite comfortable. Only thing I didn’t enjoy was the walking distance to the MRT. There are other hostels that I lived at that were nearer to the MRT stations so didn’t enjoy that bit too much.

Overall it was a nice short getaway. Can’t wait to share more vlogs with you guys!!

Scribbled with love,

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