5 Style Instagram Accounts I Follow Daily

Despite the tons of beautifully curated accounts on Instagram these days, these are the 5 Fashion & Lifestyle accounts I’d return to on the daily for that dose of inspiration and just to add some beauty and calm in everyday life. 1. CHRISELLELIM https://www.instagram.com/chrisellelim/ She is gold. Everything in her account is just so chic. […]

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Why High-Waisted and How to Pair

Am totally into everything high-waisted / high-rise at the moment. From casual skirts to formal pants, as long as it starts from the waist, it’s going to be on me, and this is why (Gonna pluck out lotsa pictures from my Instagram, so mind the captions): 1. Makes You Look Taller Doesn’t matter if it’s […]

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Beige Mules – 6 Looks

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Hello hello! I think my procrastination got out of hand since the last post lol. Anyway, have you checked out my video on these gorgeous beige mules I got from Pedro? They go with almost everything. I mean: They worked with my culottes from Uniqlo. Big sleeve top is from Zara They worked with this […]

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