Painted Pandelela on a Building

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I did not realise that I totally forgot to post this last week. Nowonder I felt there was a kind of emptiness here. Anyway, vlogged on painting on Feast and Furious Cafe again! Here’s how it is like painting 4 meters of the ground! Had Kimberley around to help me this time. Happy. Congratulations to our […]

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Feast and Furious Cafe

At 7.30am this morning, Feast and Furious Cafe opened it’s doors for business. The colleagues and I came early to catch the firecrackers! Inside the cafe, you’re surrounded by vehicles and motorsports collectibles. Bikes were in the middle of the room, hanging on the ceiling and even stored under your feet! Under ground! Love these […]

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Artsy Daphy on Borneo Post!

it has been two weeks since my go at the artist’s life and i haven’t had a single minute to spare since to update this sorry blog. anyway, straight to the point: it was awesome. i was as exhausted then as i am now but i loved it. not only did i spend an entire 9-day […]

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